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USA VETS CO mission is simple and practical, to provide preventative emergency resources for qualified disabled veterans.  This would include personal grants for housing emergencies to avoid evictions, food, transportation and utilities shortfalls.  As a soical community enterprise we hope to offer hands up not hand-outs to veterans in the process of achieving or regaining their independence.


"Thank You For Your Service" rings hollow without deeds. That's why we exist to offer our veteran brothers hope. A hand up and not a hand out. To truly serve and give assistance to our sisters and brothers injured in service to our great nation is the bedrock of all we hope to achieve.


I am of the profound opinion that there are things which the government should and ought to do to assist veterans who have honorably served and were injured during active duty.  And there are things that veterans and private citizens can do to help them succeed in self-determination aspirations. We cannot achieve our mission of helping fellow disabled veterans without your assistance. Please consider joining our efforts.”


-Lee Cavitt, USA VETS CO founder


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