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Our premier fundraiser project "VA1"  will house our offices and a visual arts cafe with proceeds funding disabled veterans nationwide and  providing employment to veterans.  What we hope to accomplish by establishment of this social enterprise:


1. Create jobs by hiring staff ( disabled veterans)  with recognized dispositions/disabilities  which prevent them from obtaining traditional jobs in the workforce. 

2. A safety net whereas  profits from the social enterprise  are earmarked to provide grants for disabled veterans experiencing hardships. 

3. Providing resources and assistance for veterans who suffer from Veterans Administration Medically diagnosed service connected disabilities.  


The concept of VA1 is extrapolated  from the Canadian 'Tim Hortons' ( and "Social Bite"  as well as similar social enterprises assisting the disadvantaged offering employment and resources to the communities they serve. In our case it will be exclusively disabled veterans. 


This property will  also be our headquarters with the majority of space transposed into a cafe style establishment. The business concept envisions food, beverages and consigned installed visual art exhibitions. Proceeds will underwrite our disabled veterans emergency assistance fund . Thereby creating a perpetual resource of funding for individual disabled veterans grants.


We firmly believe that Norfolk, Virginia with its abundant military, veteran and artisan community will support this enterprise. The national support of these operations should be forthcoming after the plans are executed and the nonprofits vision is fully operation.  


For additional information about any of these endeavors please contact us. 


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